I am running for City Council to ensure our city has a bright future!  I have the experience needed to keep our momentum improving the quality life for residents and businesses in Gilroy.  I am deeply committed to our community and I am capable of making tough decisions.

During my last two appointments on Council, I have made significant contributions to the policies that govern our administrations at City Hall.  Through my leadership we have

  • Negotiated contracts assuring Police and Fire departments can keep up with future service demands
  • Developed a comprehensive IT strategy to make our city more efficient
  • Made Economic Development a strong focus and
  • Voted to update and preserve our Historic Downtown

Our downtown is starting to thrive.  This has been accomplished by adopting policies that simplify redevelopment and has resulted in vacancy rates that are at a 10 year low.  More redevelopment investments are planned in the coming year.  Our downtown now attracts families for dinning, shopping, arts and cultural events that bring our community together.  I am very proud of my part in these results.   In the last three years, I have fought hard to secure funding dedicated towards improving our local streets. This funding for Public Works allowed us to buy equipment to repair and properly maintain our streets.

The truth is the work is only starting and I’m running for City Council to ensure we continue to improve Gilroy.  I will fight hard to represent the current and future needs of all Gilroy residents by continuing my focus on Public Safety, Economic Development, and  continuing investments in roads, parks and critical infrastructure.  Please join me in making Gilroy a livable community for all!

I look forward to your early support and endorsement!


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