“Gilroy has a number of complex issues that we are facing as a community.  You know I have never been a one issue candidate.  Our city needs strong leadership at the council to tackle these problems.  It’s going to take REAL EXPERIENCE, REAL COMMITMENT to accomplish REAL RESULTS.

Dan Harney



Public Safety

Gilroy is facing increasing demands on service for police and fire.  Our population continues to grow and we need to ensure that public safety is properly funded to meet these growing demands.

Economic Development

Since I have been on the council, we have rebooted our economic development programs and created policies to attract new investors and incentivize investments in our local economy.  I have advocated for reducing impact fees, streamlining the business approval process and updating our zoning ordinances.  We just need to make it easier for businesses to invest in Gilroy.

Historic Downtown

Our Historic Downtown has been undergoing some important changes.  Our vacancy rate is at a 10 year low and there are more reasons to visit our downtown for dining, shopping, entertainment and community celebrations.  I believe that we need to promote more business development downtown and mixed uses that include retail storefronts and housing while preserving the historic facades.  We will accomplish this by offering incentives to investors, offering pre-entitlements and simplifying the business permitting process.


Smooth and fluid flowing traffic is possible despite population growth.   With proper planning and good housing developments we can ensure that we plan for multi modes of transportation to protect pedestrians, cyclists and motorists to keep our city moving.  I have fought hard to ensure our roadways are properly designed, using the complete street concepts, and that we properly fund our street maintenance program to meet the growing demands on our streets.


I have fought hard with VTA to maintain our current levels of public transportation for VTA bus lines and Caltrain service.  I will continue to fight for expanded services and electrification of Caltrain, two elements outlined in Measure A.  I also serve on the Joint Mobility Commission to improve the transportation and trade corridors between HWY 101, SR 152 and SR 25.

Parks & Recreation

Gilroy has a wealth of open spaces, recreational areas and public parks.  I am proud of what we have to offer, but I believe we need more offerings, particularly in our parks and recreation department.  We budget close to $2 million dollars per year for our recreational programs and they are at full capacity.  This isn’t a problem, it’s an opportunity to further develop healthy habits, provide safe spaces for our youth and provide educational and social events for children, adults and seniors. 


Gilroy is a city of planned neighborhoods that provides housing opportunities for all income levels.  I believe and have supported projects that provide a good mix of affordable housing including apartments, townhomes, condos and single family homes.  Today, we are challenged with connectivity between our neighborhoods, parks, schools, services and employment centers.  That’s why smart growth and planning is so important.