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Close Up & Personal with Dan

In this 28 minute interview, Becca Reed from CMAP, sits down with Dan Harney and has a conversation about Gilroy, his vision for the city and Gilroy’s changing role in Silicon Valley.


” Protecting our heritage trees is important to the community fabric of Gilroy.  Can you imagine Gilroy without an urban forest?”                       (March 2018)

Make a Trees Priority





$1 million dollars:  Holding staff accountable


millions of dollars overspent

“I believe that the city should run as efficient as possible.  We continue to pay for inefficiencies as a result of outdated management and IT systems.   We need to invest in people, process and technologies and rely less on consultants”




Homeless in Gilroy

Gilroy accounts for 2.5% of the population in Santa Clara county, yet we have 10% of the homeless population” said Council Member Harney after asking for a workshop to address the growing problem in Gilroy

Homeless Pinnochio

Saying goodbye to our friend Paul

Good bye to Paul








“Paul was tenacious, despite his illness he fought very hard to attend every city council meeting.  He told me politics is a lot like baseball- if you go up enough times the law of averages  says you’ll eventually get  elected.”


Senior Project approved without sidewalks

Senior Development denied

Council Member Harney opposed every step of the developers application stating the new project for an affordable seniors apartment complex does not provide safe access to essential services such as public transportation, grocery and drug stores, or provide a safe route for pedestrians and cyclist to reach downtown.  The project was approved 6-1 vote,  Council Member Harney was the only dissenting vote.

Gilroy Gardens to community
Gilroy Gardens role in our community

“Gilroy Gardens is an important component to our recreational tourism strategy, an economic driver and an important employer for our youth.  I can’t imagine trading the Gardens for more housing development.”



Changing role in SV


Gilroy’s Changing Role in Silicon Valley

“We can no longer stand on the sidelines.  We need strong leadership representing Gilroy and our voice must be heard.”